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Beehives For Sale and Honey Bee Removal

Start your beekeeping with the hives for sale from Middle Mountain Apiary in Petersburg, West Virginia. In addition to getting you started with bees, we can remove unwanted bees from your property, whether it's a swarm or bees in your walls.


Get started with a nuc, (short for nucleus) a small hive that is the base of a beekeeping operation. After protecting them over the cold winter months, we offer nucs  in the spring, allowing you to start getting honey later in the year. They come in a cardboard box and the bees are gentle. They come with five frames of bees, honey, and brood.


Call us for safe honey bee removal to protect yourself and your property. We remove swarms in the spring as well as bees ensconced in your wall, providing new homes for all of them. The service is available for both residential and commercial customers. Swarm removal is free, while the price varies to remove them from the walls.

Beehives For Sale

Contact us in Petersburg, West Virginia, to learn more about our honey bee removal and beehives for sale.

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