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Savor the taste of pure award winning honey from Middle Mountain Apiary. Our honeybees roam high atop our mountain located in Grant County, West Virginia, centered between thousands of acres of forested land.

Our honey is as close to organic as possible due to our remote location. Our hives are far from any large human populations and big agricultural farms. Our bees only roam in the local wild forest. All of our honey is processed right here on our mountain. It is unfiltered and unheated with no additives. It contains the pollen and propolis which gives natural honey its medicinal properties. Honey has been used medicinally for thousands of years. It has antiseptic and antibacterial qualities. And it tastes great.

Get a dose of natural sweetness with wildflower honey from West Virginia. The honey is made from everything that blooms in the area during the summer months. Local honey is said to help alleviate allergies you may get from the same local blooms the bees enjoy.

You can buy bottles of our honey from 8oz up to 2lbs, and honeycomb squares. Honeycomb squares are straight from the source, packed with concentrated nectar from thousands of flowers, the healthiest and rawest form of honey available. Honeycomb is 100% edible. We are working on wax products such as candles right now, so keep an eye out for these in the future.

If you’re looking to start beekeeping, you can purchase a nuc (short for nucleus) from us. This is a small hive which is the base of a beekeeping operation. It comes with five frames of bees, honey, and brood.

If you have a swarm, call us for safe honeybee removal to protect yourself and your property. The service is available for both residential and commercial customers. Swarm removal is free, while the price varies to remove them from the walls.

Natural, great tasting, pure and award winning honey!
Contact us today in Grant County, WV to taste a local treat you will not soon forget from our Honey Bee’s.

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